Vauxhall Corsa GSi confirmed for late 2018

Vauxhall Corsa GSi confirmed for late 2018

A performance-focused GSi version of Vauxhall's popular hatchback is set to arrive later this year.

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You’ve probably heard of Vauxhall’s GSi nameplate — famous for adorning several high-performance models to come from the manufacturer from the mid-80s through to the 90s. It’s set for a return to the Insignia this year, but that’s no one-off — as Vauxhall has revealed a Corsa GSi is in the works.

The performance-focused hatch was announced as part of a 25-year celebration of the Corsa, although no further details were revealed.

It’s likely the GSi will sit below the VXR hot-hatch in the range, offering more accessible performance than the all-out version — much like the Insignia GSi is expected to when a VXR variant arrives in the future.

Corsa VXR

The current Vauxhall Corsa VXR boasts a 1.6-litre, turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 202bhp and 280Nm of torque, capable of taking it from 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds and up to a 143mph top speed. Don’t expect the GSi to rival this but do expect it to be notably cheaper than the VXR’s £18,190 starting price. It’ll reach showrooms later in 2018.

Alongside the announcement of the GSi, Vauxhall also revealed an electric Corsa would be coming in 2019 — but again, disclosed no further details.

Insignia GSi

Speaking on the Corsa’s 25 anniversary, Denis Chick, director of communications for Vauxhall, said: "The Corsa has played such an integral part in British culture over the past 25 years, I think it'd be difficult to find someone who hasn't owned or had a friend or family member who has owned a model.

“Even more importantly for us at Vauxhall is how the vehicle has stayed relevant throughout that time and long may it continue to do so in the future."

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