Toyota Supra return previewed with GR Racing Concept

Toyota Supra returns with GR Racing Concept

Toyota confirms return of its most famous sports car with a race car concept giving a glimpse of what the production version will look like

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Finally, after years of speculation and sheer hope from fans, Toyota has confirmed the Supra is returning production — and has given us a first glimpse of what it will look like. 

Introducing the GR Supra Racing Concept — the first time the Supra name has been officially tagged to a car since 2002.

Underneath the race-car bodywork hides the face of the production car this is slated to hit the market in 2019. This concept has also been built to GTE regulations, hinting Toyota could take the car racing in the World Endurance Championship. 

This means it features a racing-inspired interior with a single bucket seat, carbon fibre trimmings and a racing steering wheel, so the road car’s interior remains to be seen when a production version is shown.

The Japanese manufacturer has been working with BMW on a jointly-developed sports car platform which will underpin the German firm’s Z4 and Toyota’s Supra. Full details of this haven’t been revealed, but t’s likely both will feature a six-cylinder petrol engine with the potential for hybrid drivetrains down the line. 

Although we’ll have to wait to see the full production version, and more importantly drive it, owners of a PlayStation 4 and Gran Turismo Sport will be able to get behind the wheel of a virtual recreation of the GR Supra Racing Concept from April.

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