Top five coolest cars for the school run revealed!

Top five coolest cars for the school run revealed!

With the summer holidays nearly over, we offer parents information on five of the best cars to have for driving your kids to school.

As the summer holidays have only a couple of weeks left to go, and the start of the new school term fast approaching, it’s high time parents best start preparing.

For many, the school run is part of a morning routine, and for some parents the car they drive really matters. Some want something practical, while others are after a sleeker model to show off, and according to automotive experts CAP HPI, these are five of the best cars for getting your kids to school.

Jaguar F-Pace

2016 Jaguar F-Pace
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The first SUV built by the British brand was a hit to begin with, and the stylish option is more than likely to give you the ‘street cred’ you might be after. Coming with plenty of space for passengers and carrying things, the F-Pace is great for getting the kids to school and any extra stuff they may take with them.

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque
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The Evoque has been around for a little while now, but the compact SUV continues to be popular. Coming in convertible and five-door body styles, the Evoque stands out from the crowd, and although it isn’t as big as the F-Pace, it remains a practical choice for parents going into the new school year.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan
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SUVs are clearly popular among the family market, and Volkswagen’s mid-size offering is certainly a good choice. The ever-reliable German model is very practical for its size and is fitted with the latest safety and technology features. It also looks great and comes with excellent design options, such as sporty body packs and chrome detailing.

Audi TT

2018 Audi TT
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Although not obviously a car suitable for the school run, if you’re after respect from fellow parents, this could be the vehicle for you. The two-door sports coupe is an affordable and good-looking option to get your child to school – although it does limit to you ferrying just one at a time.


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The smallest offering from BMW’s X division rivals the Evoque in terms of size and finish, and offers parents plenty of space and style. The compact SUV has a large boot as well as plenty of space for the kids, and comes with a range of efficient engines that make this a smart choice for families.

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