SEAT Leon Cristobal Concept

SEAT reveal Leon Cristobal Concept, its ‘safest car yet’

Called the Leon Cristobal concept, it comes with a built-in breathalyser, guardian angel mode and smartphone-connected blackbox.

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Spanish manufacturer Seat has revealed the Leon Cristobal concept, which it claims is its safest car yet.

Named after the patron saint of drivers, it is fitted with six advanced safety systems to help cut down on the main causes of accidents including drink-driving and drowsiness.

Seat Leon Cristobal concept blackbox
The Blackbox system that would be used in the case of an accident

A mentor application allows parents to keep tabs on children who might be driving the car, as well as limit the top speed.

It was revealed at the Smart City World Expo Congress in Barcelona, and although it is still a concept car at the moment the Cristobal has many features that could aid the driver of the future.

One such piece is the Drive-lock, which uses a built-in breathalyser to detect whether the driver has consumed alcohol and is over the legal blood alcohol limit. If they are over the limit, the car will refuse to start and shut down.

Seat Leon Cristobal drive-lock drink-driving reduction
The Drive-Lock system that is paired with an in-car breathalyser to ensure drink driving doesn't occur

Another such feature is the display mirror, which uses a rear-facing camera to give a clearer view of what is going on behind.

Other kit such as a black box that takes images and records data that is sent to a designated smartphone if a traffic incident occurs and a guardian angel mode that deploys all 15 safety systems fitted to the car. A drive coach is also fitted that uses a voice assistant to customise safety system alerts.

Driver distraction, drowsiness, speeding and alcohol consumption lead to roughly 80 per cent of all road accidents, so combining this equipment together could severely reduce that figure.



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