Price rise for speed awareness courses nets more money for police forces

Price rise for speed awareness courses nets more money for police forces

Figures show that the amount of money police receive from courses jumped by a third, while also showing that drivers pay different prices for courses, depending on where they live

The money that police forces receive from speed awareness courses has risen by a third in the last month.

Figures obtained by the Press Association show that the amount of money a constabulary gets for each driver that attends a speed awareness course has risen from £35 to £45. The cost is set aside for police forces to reimburse them for the cost of catching speeding motorists in the first place.

Around 1.2 million people attend speed awareness courses each year, meaning that forces will now collect £54 million each year - £12 million more annually than before.

Speed awareness courses are offered to drivers by police as a way of educating drivers to their errors. When drivers attend the courses, they can avoid getting a fixed fine or points on their licence.

The figures also show the deficit in the price of speed awareness course depending on region. In Northamptonshire, driver’s pay £75 for courses, while in Essex they pay £99 – 32 per cent more.  

Also, the statistics do not include the costs of other courses offered by police, but run under the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) that are carried out by private firms on behalf of the police.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC foundation, said: “Most people attending speed awareness courses sing their praises but what they might not realise is the postcode lottery they face in terms of costs involved.”

“Intuitively, people would expect to pay a fixed price for doing wrong, not an arrangement that offers rewards for shopping around or penalises partly because of where people live.”

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