More than 80 per cent drive the wrong colour car for their personality

More than 80 per cent drive the wrong colour car for their personality

Many motorists are driving cars in colours too dull for their personality, according to a Nissan survey.

Did you know you may be driving the wrong colour car for your personality?

A European survey has found that over 80 per cent of motorists have their car painted in the wrong colour for their personality.  

According to the study by Nissan, 86 per cent of those polled make the incorrect colour choice. The research has also found that people are too conservative with colour choices, favouring dull blacks and greys instead of more vibrant colours.  

Other findings include 53 per cent claiming that colour had impacted on their vehicle choice and 38 per cent said they are currently driving a grey or black vehicle

Nissan carried out the test to highlight the personalisation options available on the manufacturer’s latest Micra supermini, finding that approximately a third of people should be driving a brightly coloured car – such as orange – instead of grey, according to the response from the test.

The new Micra has been on sale since March, with 22 per cent of customers reportedly personalising their car at an average cost of €400 (£354).  

The test was conducted via Facebook, and developed alongside colour psychologist Karen Haller. Bespoke questions were asked to test an individual’s behaviour and preferences. The results are based on 5,000 responses from across Europe.

Karen said: “Social factors come into play with colour choice. For example, in times of economic uncertainty, it’s common for people to play it safe and pick a car with a neutral palette - such as white, black or grey. I’m not surprised that two-thirds of motorists are driving more conservative shades.”

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