Mini unveils Classic Electric model

Mini unveils Classic Electric model

Combining the looks of the old Mini and the technology of the modern brand, this one-off was revealed at the New York International Auto Show.

Before the release of the all-electric E hatchback in 2019, Mini has unveiled a one-off all-electric version of the classic hatch.

By merging the retro style of the original Mini and the zero-emission know-how of the BMW-owned company, this unique model also comes with Mini Electric logos dotted around the car.

2018 Mini Classic electric hatch all-electric
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This fully restored original model comes with a red body and white roof, detailing and wheel hubs, helping to merge the old and new identities of the Mini brand.

It isn’t known exactly how it is powered, but it is likely to be the same powertrain technology found in the BMW i3 hatchback – which is expected to also be the basis of the upcoming Mini Electric model.

2018 Mini Classic electric hatch all-electric

After the concept version was shown last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the full production version of the Mini E hatch is due to be released next year and will be based on the three-door hatch.

This is the second all-electric version to be made by Mini, with the 2008 Mini E – but that was limited to just 600 units and was used as the test fleet for the BMW i3 that was revealed in 2013.

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