McLaren Senna GTR Concept previews the next track monster!

McLaren Senna GTR Concept previews the next track monster!

Extreme version of Senna hypercar unveiled at Geneva Motor Show, 75 examples of which will be produced from 2019.

McLaren dropped a surprise at this year’s Geneva Motor Show with the Senna GTR Concept — a track-only version of its latest hypercar. 

Based on the road-going machine, the GTR Concept previews a vehicle that will go into production in 2019. It follows on from the F1 GTR and P1 GTR in offering a track version of the manufacturer’s flagship car.

Clear changes to the Senna GTR include a new aerodynamic package that features a huge front splitter, a revised rear deck and the addition of a larger rear diffuser than that on the road car. Along with the active rear wing, it all combines to create up to 1,000kg of downforce.

Despite the extra bodywork, the weight will supposedly remain virtually unchanged from the Senna’s 1,198kg — although McLaren hasn’t explained how this will be achieved.

Powering the track machine will be an upgraded version of the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine found in the road car — here developing “at least” 814bhp. This, along with Pirelli racing slick tyres, a race-focused gearbox and revised double wishbone suspension will make it the fastest McLaren around a circuit outside of Formula One.

The firm hasn’t confirmed if the Senna GTR will be homologated for use in any racing series, but customers can expect manufacturer-held events allowing them to take the car to its limits.

Just 75 examples of the Senna GTR will be built, but before you rush out to your local McLaren dealer, you’re out of luck — all have already sold.

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