Mazda unveils new concepts in Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Mazda unveils new concepts in Tokyo Motor Show 2017

The Kai Concept and Vision Coupe will be the base design languages for future Mazda models

Japanese manufacturer Mazda has revealed two new concepts in Tokyo – the Kai Concept and Vision Coupe.

The Vision Coupe debuted at the pre-show Mazda Design Night yesterday, while the Kai Concept was first seen at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda Kai Concept hatchback
The Mazda Kai Concept hatchback

Taking on the brand’s Kodo design language, both models features sweeping roof lines and short overhangs for a dynamic appearance that is also very minimalist.

Using a more advanced version of the current Mazda front end, both vehicles will be the inspiration for future models.

The Kai Concept uses the manufacturer’s Skyactiv-X petrol engine at its heart as well as the Skyactiv-Vehicle architecture, displaying Mazda’s continued development in fun and economical driving. The hatchback-style vehicle combines the sleek roofline found on most Mazda models with chunky proportions that will be the base for future small vehicles.

Mazda Vision Coupe fastback design
The Mazda Vision Coupe

On the Vision Coupe, however, Mazda delivered a vehicle with simple and sleek body lines to make a glamourous fastback model. Mazda says the interior design is based on the Japanese concept of ma – meaning ‘space’ – that allows for a more relaxing experience.

As well as these two excellent-looking concepts, Mazda also displayed 2018 versions of the MX-5 and MX-5 RF roadsters and the CX-8 – which is a seven-seat SUV only going on sale in Japan.

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