Jaguar part of ‘Best of British Engineering’ showcase

Jaguar part of ‘Best of British Engineering’ showcase

Taking place on HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is currently stationed in the United States, Jaguar displayed an F-35B liveried F-Type on the ship’s flight deck.

Jaguar has taken part in a display of the ‘Best of British Engineering’, with an F-Type sports car displayed alongside HMS Queen Elizabeth and an F-35B fighter jet.

Wrapped in the livery of the recently introduced plane, the F-Type was displayed on the flight deck of the Royal Navy’s latest aircraft carrier.

Jaguar F-Type HMS Queen Elizabeth

The car has been hidden on-board the £6.2bn ship on its voyage from the UK to the United States, where it is currently taking part in the ‘Westlant 18’ exercise – which is seeing HMS Queen Elizabeth test and receive its squadron of F-35B jets.

Jaguar Land Rover and HMS Queen Elizabeth have had ties since the ship has been in production, as the vehicles from the British manufacturer have been used in a support role for events – while equipment, such as the captain’s chair, was provided by JLR.

Captain Jerry Kyd of HMS Queen Elizabeth, said: “The Jaguar F-Type alongside the F-35B symbolises the very best of British design and engineering.

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Jaguar F-Type HMS Queen Elizabeth

“Bringing the two together in HMS Queen Elizabeth, itself a triumph of collaboration between UK industry partners and the Ministry of Defence, is representative of the strong ties we as a ship have developed with Jaguar Land Rover.

“The technology involved in the aircraft carrier, F-Type and the F-35B are all linked: a high-quality demanding specification, precision engineering, power and performance. All three represent cutting-edge technology that underlines the very best of British innovation and design.”

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