Five things you need to know about the 2018 BMW X2

Five things you need to know about the 2018 BMW X2

Recently back from the recent launch of the BMW X2, we reveal all there is to know about the upcoming compact SUV due to go on sale this month.

After the first five models set the template for BMW’s SUV line-up, the German brand has decided to add a sixth in the shape of the X2.

Filling the gap between the X1 and X3, the 2 follows on from the X4 and X6 couped SUVs – with the latest addition fitting onto the same chassis as the X1.

It includes all of BMW’s latest tech and design features, but what makes the latest addition to the compact premium SUV segment a worthy competitor? We take a look…

It has a stand-out design inspired by sports cars of old

2018 BMW X2 compact premium SUV

For the first time since the M1 supercar from the 1970s, a BMW comes with a badge on the C-pillar – a surprising addition to the model’s design. But when you zoom out and look at the whole car, you see sporty detailing all over. The kidney grille is combined into a sporty front bumper with sharp edges and that sharpness continues at the rear end, with the boot including sharp creases. It is lower and shorter than its X1 sibling – making for a more focused design. The coupe-inspired look also may not be for everyone, but it helps the X2 stand out.

The X2 has decent driving dynamics

2018 BMW X2 compact premium SUV
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BMW always manages to make its vehicles good to drive – and the X2 follows on in that vein. Although it isn’t the sportiest car you can own, the X2 holds its own on and drives well for the day-to-day journey. A composed and absorbent suspension setup makes it relaxing to be in and with next-to-no body roll, the X2 feels well-balanced to cope with twistier sections of tarmac – although it won’t set your heart racing.

TwinTurbo engines offer efficient returns

2018 BMW X2 compact premium SUV

The base xDrive20d 2.0-litre diesel returns a quoted 61.4mpg – which for a compact SUV is pretty good indeed. When pulling away it doesn’t run out of puff thanks to its 187bhp and 400Nm of torque and – although an extra poke of power might make it more exciting to drive – the X2 doesn’t feel strained or stressed at any point. It settles down well for the cruise on the motorway, and when further powertrains come later this year, they are also expected to offer a refined drive.

It isn’t short of driver assistance tech

2018 BMW X2 compact premium SUV

Although not all the equipment is available as standard, the X2 is capable of having tons of assistance features. The optional Drive Pack includes the driving assistance setup, which adds lane departure warning, high beam assistant, collision warning, pedestrian warning with city braking and speed limit info. But these features can be added to with active cruise control and traffic jam assistant offering further help on the open road. The standard park distance control with rear-view camera are great too, with the optional park assist a further add-on to aid you when parking up.

Small exterior dimensions hide plenty of space

2018 BMW X2 compact premium SUV

Even though this is the smallest couped SUV BMW offers, it conceals 470 litres of boot space, and plenty of passenger space besides. Yes, that is less than the X1, but the dynamic body shape curtails storage space slightly in sacrifice of the looks. But when folding the rear seats down, you get 1,355 litres of space – which is very handy indeed.

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