Aston Martins EV factory on schedule to produce DBX prototype

Aston Martin's EV factory on schedule to produce DBX prototype

Luxury car manufacturer's third British plant is on-target to be ready to produce the DBX crossover prototype for 2019, alongside the firm's first production EV - the RapidE.

Development of Aston Martin’s third British factory, which will house electric vehicle production, is “on schedule” to produce the first DBX crossover prototype in 2019. 

David King, vice-president of the supercar manufacturer’s Special Operations division said the site’s conversion from a large aircraft hangar to a factory is “on schedule and all is going to plan.”

The site in St Athan, South Wales, will create 750 jobs in the area. Alongside the existing plants at Gaydon and Newport Pagnell, it’ll play a large role in the British manufacturer’s goal of producing 7,000 cars annually.

The new site will focus on electric and hybrid vehicles, while the Gaydon factory will continue to produce sports and supercars. The historic Newport Pagnell will be responsible for the brands Works continuation division.

Phase one of construction at St Athan has been completed, with customers and staff reception areas ready for opening, along with the employee restaurant. Phase two began in April 2017 and is currently underway, will see the hangars fitted out with the equipment necessary to become a manufacturing facility.

The first prototype DBX all-electric crossover is set to come from the plant in 2019 — which will rival top-spec variants of the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace. Alongside that, the RapidE — a battery-powered version of the Rapide saloon — will begin production. 

Ken Skates, Welsh economy secretary, said:

“It is great to hear that work on phase one of Aston Martin’s facility in St Athan is now complete and that phase two is progressing well. Like many people in Wales, I am genuinely excited about Aston Martin beginning production here in Wales next year and the high number of quality direct and indirect jobs that it will bring with it.”
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