2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV

2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV revealed

The German manufacturer has finally fully revamped the G-Class, which had had the same chassis since the 1970s and comes with the latest technology and engines.

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For the first time since 1979, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled an all-new version of the G-Class premium SUV.

It is 53mm longer and 121mm wider than the previous model – meaning more interior space for passenger comfort – and also comes with some of the latest technology, such as the widescreen cockpit display on the dashboard.

2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class premium SUV

Although there are elements of the design that stay the same from the previous generation – such as the squared-off bodywork and extended wheel arches and sidesteps – but it also incorporates the new Mercedes design ethos, such as the new grille design and front lights, to offer a more modern look.

To help maintain its off-road reputation, Mercedes has made the G-Class more capable on the rough stuff by increasing ground clearance by 6mm and strengthening the front axle, as well as further developing the independent suspension.

The new cockpit includes some familiar features, such as a dashboard-mounted grab handle and chrome differential lock buttons, but includes many new accessories, such as a dual-display widescreen cockpit – which uses two 12.3-inch displays that can be suited to the driver’s needs.

It comes with four standard driving modes for the road – comfort, sport, individual and eco – and one off-road specific, called G-Mode – which engages whenever the differential locks are switched on and prevents the automatic gearbox from making unnecessary changes along with altering the acceleration characteristics and ensuring prime off-road control.

2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class premium SUV

The UK engine line-up is yet to be announced, but a new nine-speed automatic transmission is on offer to help improve fuel efficiency and improve on-road comfort.

Ola Källenius, member of the Daimler board for Mercedes-Benz development, said: “The new G-Class is setting the bar higher still in all relevant areas – in terms of performance both on and off the road as well as with regard to comfort and telematics.

“Our ‘longest-serving’ model series is therefore ideally equipped to continue its success story. In short, the new ‘G’ is still a ‘G’, only better.”

UK pricing is yet to be officially announced, but European prices for the new G-Class start from €107,040.50 – approximately £95,000.

2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class premium SUV


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