10 optional extras you'll want to consider for your next car

10 optional extras you'll want to consider for your next car

Most manufacturers offer a wide range of optional extras you can have on your new car. Some of them are unnecessary and expensive, though. Read our guide to see what optional extras you'll want on your next car.

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1. Leather upholstery

Probably one of the things in a car best-associated with luxury is leather. It’s easy to clean, gives your car a classy feel and is a worthy optional extra. Bear in mind that it can be quite a pricey option, though.

2. Heated seats/steering wheel 

In cold weather, heated seats can be a life-saver. Few things are worse than getting into your cold car and then having to sit on a chilly seat. Heated seats are now fitted as standard to lots more cars, but many still don’t come with them. For this reason, it’s an option worth choosing. A heated steering is equally as useful to help keep your hands warm during the colder months.

3. Panoramic roof

A panoramic roof is a fantastic way of making your cabin feel lighter and also more spacious. If you don’t want the glass exposed all the time or in bleak weather, most cars have an electrically operated blind to hide the panoramic roof, too.

4. Reversing Camera

One of the handiest parking features available has to be a parking camera. While some manufacturer’s offer better quality cameras than others, if you regularly park in tight spaces, it is a worthy optional extra for your new car.

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5. A dashcam 

Dashcams are a fantastic way to protect yourself in the event of an accident, and can prove very useful when making a claim to prove an incident was not your fault. Currently only Citroen offers them as an option – known as a ConnectedCam – on some of its models, and it’s a definitely a worthy option to tick if you are buying one of the French manufacturer’s cars.

6. Sat-nav

While you always have the option of buying your own satellite navigation after buying a car, it’s much easier to have an in-built system in your new car. While a surprising number of new models now have one fitted as standard, if not it’s a worthy option to tick.

9. Cruise control 

Cruise control is a must for motorists that do a lot of miles, or those that like to travel at a constant speed – motorway driving, for example. It’s often a relatively inexpensive option to have, although you can pay to have more complex adaptive cruise control systems on some cars that can track the car in front of you at a set distance and all you have to do is steer.

10. Car colours

While you might not typically class car colours as an optional extra, many car colours are now optional extras. These can range from £400 basic metallic colours all the way up to paints costing thousands and thousands of pounds. Some manufacturers, including Porsche, Audi and BMW to name a few, also offer exclusive ranges and palettes. If you want your car to be truly unique, this is the way to do it.

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