Worlds Fastest Electric Car

10 of the world’s fastest electric cars

Watch out petrol supercars, these all-electric machines are coming for you…

We’re currently in the midst of an electric car revolution and just before it began, car enthusiast’s heads around the world began to wonder if there was a future in this world for them?

Well, thankfully, it seems all is good and well for the enthusiasts among us — with a host of battery-powered performance machines already on the market and with even more to come. We’ve listed 10 of the fastest electric cars… 



Tesla Roadster

Revealed recently by Tesla founder Elon Musk, the Roadster is set to become not just the fastest electric production car, but amongst the fastest in the world when it arrives in 2020. 

The Roadster will put down 10,000Nm of torque through its four-wheel-drive system, capable of taking it from 0-60mph and “over 250mph”, Tesla says.

Even with the performance, a range of 620 miles is claimed — making it useable, too. Now, let’s just hope it makes to to reality…

Nio EP9

Introducing the fastest electric car around the Nurburgring — the Nio EP9. 

The Chinese-made supercar lapped the Nurburgring in a mind-boggling 6 minutes and 45 seconds earlier this year, making it one of that fastest production cars ever around the ring.

It packs 1,342bhp and boasts a top speed of 194mph — as well as a £1.4 million price tag.

Rimac Concept One

You may have heard of this car thanks to Richard Hammond having quite the accident in it earlier this year, but despite that, it’s one incredible machine.

It features a 1,058bhp drivetrain capable of taking it from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds and to a limited top speed of 221mph. Want one? You’d better be rich, as price is available on request only. 

Vanda Dendrobium

Singapore’s first ever hypercar is the Vanda Denrobium — a crazy-looking beast, developed by Williams Advanced Engineering.

The Vanda is not yet on sale, but the manufacturer is aiming for a 200mph top speed and a 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds when the car heads to production.

Formula E racer

The world’s most prominent electric motorsport, Formula E has kicked up quite the storm in the racing world since its inaugural season in 2014.

It’s a one-make series, meaning all the cars are all Spark-Renault SRT_01Es. The racer features a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and a McLaren-developed electric motor.

Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3

Ok, so it looks more like a plane than a car, but the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 is absolutely a vehicle built for the land — taking the title of fastest electric car in the world.

In September 2016, it took to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and recorded a speed of 341.4 miles per hour.

Genovation GXE

When you think Chevrolet Corvette, you think V8, right? Well, Genovation Cars are hoping to shake that up.

This is the GXE — based on the C7 Corvette, except rather than a big LS motor, it packs an 800bhp electric powertrain, which took the prototype to an impressive 209mph. 

Customer cars can be reserved now, although production will be limited to just 75 examples. 

Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous+

Tesla may be looking to the future with its upcoming Roadster, but for now, speed freaks in the pursuit of electric fun can choose the Model S P100D Ludicrous+. 

The Ludicrous+ is key here, giving the P100D a 0-60mph time of 2.5 seconds without affecting the claimed 289-mile range. 

Aston RapidE

Set for production in 2019, the RapidE will become Aston Martin’s first electric vehicle.

Based on the current Rapide, the all-electric version will see the V12 motor replaced with a battery powertrain with a rumoured-near 1,000bhp power output.

Just 155 examples of the RapidE are set to be produced. 

La Jamais Contente

So we’re going all the way back to 1899 with this one, but the La Jamais Contente (which translates to Never Satisfied in English) broke the land speed record at the time, with a whopping 66mph.

Made of magnesium and aluminium, the torpedo-shaped Belgium machine held the record until 1902, when a steam powered car bested it at 75mph.

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