What is Android Auto?

What is Android Auto?

We explain in this guide the basic things to know about Android Auto, including how it works and what cars support it.

Want to know more about Android Auto in cars? In this guide, we explain what exactly Android Auto is, how to set it up and what features and cars it supports.

What is Android Auto?

In similar fashion to Apple CarPlay, what Android Auto does is allow motorists to use certain features on their smartphone through their car’s infotainment system. The feature specifically works on Android smartphones and car infotainment devices that support the software.

The appeal of Android Auto is it can be easier and faster to use compared to the car’s standard built-in features and it can support a range of apps such as internet radio, maps and performance monitoring features.

How to set up Android Auto

Those with a car that supports Android Auto can start up the feature by simply using a standard cable to connect their smartphone to the car. By doing this, you’ll be charging the phone and using its data connection for certain features.

Info from the phone is displayed on the car’s infotainment screen and the car’s main screen can be used to access the compatible features. Alternatively, the smartphone’s apps could be accessed and controlled via voice commands.

What apps work with Android Auto?

Android Auto supports a range of apps that motorists would likely find useful or appealing while driving, including features related to navigation, communication, music and even news updates.

Android Auto in regards which apps are accessible to motorists.

What cars have Android Auto?

Many manufacturers which sell new cars in Britain offer models which are compatible with Android Auto.

Brands which have infotainment systems that support Android Auto include the likes of Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Ford, Audi, Kia, Mercedes, Renault, Skoda and SEAT. If you’re looking at buying a particular car but you’re not sure if it supports Android Auto or not, then researching the car’s equipment/technology online or via a brochure should provide a clear answer.

Even if a car doesn’t have Android Auto onboard as standard, it may be possible to get an aftermarket infotainment system which supports this software, through companies like Sony, Alpine or Pioneer.

Android Auto vs Carplay

The most significant difference when comparing Android Auto to Apple CarPlay is the fact that the former supports only Android phones and the latter is usable for iPhones. So, Apple users that want to access their phone’s apps via their car’s touchscreen will inevitably use CarPlay.

If you want to learn more about Apple CarPlay you can read our separate guide here.




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