The best cars to buy new, not used

The best cars to buy new, not used!

Buying new vs used can be a big decision when it comes to car buying but if new model cars take your interest, here are the best new cars to buy.

Although conventional wisdom dictates that a used car is often a more affordable purchase than a new one, there are circumstances where that’s not always the case. In some cases, for example, there are better interest-free credit options on new cars that would make it just as affordable to buy new, while in other circumstances desirability alone makes a new car the most convenient and realistic option on offer.

Here are 10 cars for 2018 that make more sense to buy new rather than used.

Dacia Duster

Save money on a new Dacia today


There’s a new Duster due this summer and given the model’s popularity with budget-conscious customers, there’s likely to be a run on the new model when it appears in showrooms. Given how cheap the Duster is to start with – from under £10,000 new – there’s really very little point waiting for a used model to turn up, especially with some of the low-rate finance deals on offer.

Renault Megane RS

Save money on a new Renault today


Renault whipped the covers off the latest Renaultsport Megane at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, making it the latest in a long line of hot mid-sized hatchbacks form the company. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t wait for a used one. The first is that there’s a waiting list, meaning that if you order one in March you’ll have to wait for the summer to get it anyway. The second is that the earliest examples will one day be classics – look after it, and your Megane RS will be worth a fair chunk in years to come.

MINI Hatchback

Save money on a new MINI today


The latest version of the MINI, complete with distinctive ‘Union Jack’ tail lamps, has just gone on sale in the UK, giving the car a vital mid-cycle refresh. These models are instantly identifiable as the new 2018 model year, so are bound to depreciate more slowly than the outgoing car. This means a new one makes more sense than a recent used one right now, especially as MINI dealers have some killer deals at the moment.

Range Rover Sport PHEV

Save money on a new Range Rover today

It took a while for a Plug-in version of the ultra-desirable Range Rover Sport to appear, but now it’s here it has instantly become the most desirable model in the range. Land Rover dealers are clamouring for stock, with delivery mileage and ex-demo cars appearing on used forecourts at more than the new list price. If you’re in no rush, order new. It could be cheaper.

Audi RS4 Avant

Save money on a new Audi today


As with the Range Rover PHEV, the RS4 Avant is a car that’s expected to carry with it a lengthy waiting list. The fastest Audi Estate ever will, if ordered with Audi’s optional Dynamics Pack (marketed for track use only) reach a top speed of 174mph, with 444bhp on tap from its 2.9-litre V6 engine. There’s already a waiting list, meaning that if you order one and enjoy it for a year, you’ll most likely get most of your money back.

Kia Stinger GT

Save money on a new Kia today


The Stinger GT takes Kia in a brave new direction, with a 370bhp turbocharged V6 engine and a distinctive ‘Sports Luxury’ theme to its interior, right down to an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment display. It’s likely to be a relatively low volume seller, albeit a car with quite an enthusiastic following, so used Stingers will be rare. New ones, however, come with a seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty, and that’s hard to ignore.


Save money on a new BMW today


The hottest property on the new car market right now is the next generation M5, which has just gone on sale. It’s the best iteration of the famous nameplate yet, and already the allocation of cars that BMW has for 2018 have pretty much sold out. Buy and enjoy one, and you’re unlikely to feel the heat when it comes to selling it on for decent money – though you may have to join a lengthy queue.

Nissan LEAF

Save money on a new Nissan today


The company that made the all-electric car an acceptable norm has made the new LEAF altogether more conventional for the second generation. The new Leaf is altogether more mature. As a successor to a pioneer, the new model is already in high demand, and resale experts predict it to have better resale values than anything else in its class. Time, then, to be an early adopter…

Volvo XC40

Save money on a new Volvo today


The XC40 brings in an entirely new way of buying a car, in the form of Care by Volvo. The Swedish firm’s deal is more like a subscription package than an outright purchase – for a single monthly payment, Volvo offers a concierge service, tax, insurance, servicing and the use of a different Volvo model for certain occasions, such as if you need a large estate for the weekend. It’s not something you’d get with a used car, and is currently a unique proposition.

Jaguar E-Pace

Save money on a new Jaguar today


The most eagerly anticipated new car of 2018 is bound to have a strong following and incredible residual values, as buyers clamour to get behind the wheel of the coolest cat in the SUV sector. The E-Pace is classed as a ‘Dynamic Performance SUV’ and is extremely competitively priced, meaning that initial interest is bound to be strong.

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