Five best cars with rear cross traffic alert in 2018

Five best cars with rear cross traffic alert in 2018

Rear cross traffic alert is incredibly useful for motorists, here are the best cars that include the driver assistance safety feature.

With sensors and cameras fitted on most modern cars, it’s no surprise that vehicles are getting safer and more advanced. Rear cross traffic alert helps drivers know what objects are in their blind spot and allow them to reverse safely onto the road or out of parking spaces.

Here are five great vehicles that come with rear cross traffic alert…

Volvo V60

The mid-size Volvo estate is one of the safest vehicles available, so it’s no surprise that it comes with this feature. It comes with automatic braking to help prevent a collision if one is imminent. It works alongside the multiple safety systems that Volvo provides with the V60, such as pilot assist, adaptive cruise control and city safety with steering support.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Usually touted as a car that will predict the future of safety systems, the S-Class helps keep drivers safe while reversing. As part of the pre-safe plus equipment and driving assistance package, customers can spec their S-Class with the device.

BMW 3 Series

Although it isn’t on sale just yet, the upcoming 3 Series will be fitted with the system. Taking much of its equipment and advancements from its larger sibling, the 5 Series, drivers of the 2019 3 Series will be able detect oncoming vehicles with the sensors.

Land Rover Discovery

With the large SUV, the rear cross traffic alert system can really help – even when you have a commanding view of the road. Coming as part of the Park and Driver Assist packs, customers can also get the clear exit monitor, which tells the driver whether it’s safe to open their door or not.

Audi A8

When the latest A8 was introduced, it came with a vast array of safety systems, including crossing assist. The system provides information on objects moving towards the rear of the vehicle, and can even be used in traffic as part of the A8’s traffic assist setup.

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