Best cars for dogs 2018

Best cars for dogs 2018

Looking for a car that's dog friendly can be a struggle, here are the 10 best cars for dogs to help with transporting your beloved pet.

We’re a nation of dog lovers in the UK, with an estimated 8.5 million households having a pooch of some description. That’s more than one in four properties with canine creds, meaning there are plenty of households hounding down the latest dog-friendly cars.

There’s plenty of choice out there, make no bones about it. But in our mind, these 10 are the mutt’s nuts…

10. Land Rover Discovery

A lot of people would say you’re barking mad putting letting your dog run free in the back of a vehicle costing over £50,000, but Land Rover is a brand with a rich heritage among the canine community. The Discovery is perfect for dog owners, with a range of load space dividers, organisers and fold out protection nets, giving your ‘Rover’ a space of his own in which to chill out.

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9. Ford Fiesta

There aren’t many superminis designed with dog owners in mind, but Ford offers an accessory option in the form of a ‘Travall’ dog guard, which is designed to be as safe for the car’s occupants as it is for your pet. The guard can be popped up and down in seconds, meaning that it doesn’t have any impact on your rearward vision if Fido stays at home.

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8. Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

It may be a hybrid of estate car and SUV, but the Passat Alltrack is certainly no mongrel. It takes the latest generation of Passat down a path less well trodden, with chunky exterior protection and a raised ride height, perfect for countryside dwellers who are likely to have a hound. Plus, you can specify a wipe-clean full-size load liner.

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7. Volvo XC90

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the luxury SUV market, but there’s one faithful companion that continues to tick all of the boxes. The XC90 is prestigious, beautifully finished and great to drive, but above that it’s also an immensely practical vehicle – as you’d expect from the brand that practically invented the estate car. The best mutt-friendly feature on the XC90 is the optional ‘dog gate’, which can be swung in and out of position in seconds.

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6. Seat Ateca

Much like your pooch, the Seat Ateca strives to be considered ‘one of the family’, meaning every facet of its design has been created with domestic considerations in mind. And that includes pet-friendliness, which is why it’s offered with a bespoke high-sided load liner priced at a very reasonable £82, along with a load divider and split boot floor, so you can keep your dog away from your shopping and vice versa.

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5. Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer

The Astra Sports Tourer is a car that’s bound to find some puppy love, thanks in no small part to its clever fold-out cargo liner, which, for less than £120, offers a genius way of protecting your interior should taking the dog for a walk end up with a rather damp Dachshund. It’s brilliantly simple, and in a market where traditional estate cars are becoming rare breeds, it’s a convincing option.

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4. Suzuki Vitara

When it comes to canine-friendly SUVs, the current Vitara has all the right pedigree. It’s brilliant both on and off-road, while the capacious square load bay is extremely dog welcoming, with Suzuki offering an official pet protection cover for the back seat, along with a bespoke dog guard and tailored load liner. It’s terrific value, too, with exceptional levels of equipment for the price.

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3. Skoda Superb Estate

Dog owners generally like their estate cars, and the Skoda Superb is probably the best of the breed, with a huge load bay and space for even a St Bernard to stretch out. In terms of the accommodation on offer, it’s bigger than most kennels, meaning it’s the car that really gets tails a-wagon. It’s also refined, comfortable, fun to drive and sensibly priced.

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2. Dacia Logan MCV

Woof and ready it may be, but the Logan MCV offers more room in the load bay than most mid-size estates, yet costs less to buy than the majority of city cars. It’s hardly the first word in modernity and refinement, and it’s based on an ageing platform, but for pricing and practicality alone, it’s impossible to ignore, especially for pup-lovers on a budget. There’s life in the old dog yet.

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1. Nissan X-Trail

The X-Trail is the dog owner’s pedigree chum, as proven by Nissan itself when it produced a dog-friendly concept car based on the SUV’s canine credentials. While some of the X-Trail 4DOGS’ features were created in jest, such as the integrated quilted dog bed, fur drier, no-spill water bowl and access ramp, other elements of its design were simply emphasised by the concept and are available from Nissan, such as the dog guard, additional storage pockets and wipe-clean boot.

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