10 Best small cars with big boots

10 Best small cars with big boots

Just because you need a small car doesn’t mean you have to skimp on luggage space. Here are 10 of the best small cars on the market today that don’t mind carrying a load or two…

We like big boots and we cannot lie! That’s why today’s generation of superminis are bigger and more practical then ever on the inside, despite the fact that they remain compact and easy to thread through traffic or squeeze into tight parking spaces on the outside.

Here are 10 of the biggest booted small cars on the market today.

10. MG 3

MG 3 budget hatchback
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As well as being one of the cheapest full-size superminis on the market, the MG 3 is also one of the most spacious, with a comfortable, high cabin, decent legroom and 285 litres of boot space with the rear seats in place. There are better superminis out there, but very few that offer the same amount of space and value.

9. Suzuki Baleno

2016 Suzuki Baleno hatchback
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Introduced last year, the Suzuki Baleno is one of three superminis offered by the Japanese manufacturer, the others being the Ignis and the Swift. The Baleno is the biggest of the three, so it’s no surprise to find it also has the largest boot, with a capacity of 326 litres putting it on a par with cars in the class above.

8. Renault Clio

2018 Renault Clio small hatchback
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The Clio is one of the best-looking superminis on the market, but those striking good looks don’t come at the expense of practicality – the little Renault has a bigger than average boot at 300 litres with the back seats in place, making it the perfect combination of style and practicality.

7. Toyota Yaris

2017 Toyota Yaris hatchback
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With a load space of 286 litres, the Yaris is one of the better-endowed superminis in the boot department. It’s not the biggest load area, but the low loading lip, perpendicular rear end, flat floor and square load aperture make it immensely practical and easy to live with.

6. Hyundai i20

2016 Hyundai i20 budget hatchback
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The latest incarnation of the i20 is leagues ahead of its predecessor in terms of styling and road manners, with handsome good looks and a modern, striking cabin. But it also wins out in the practicality stakes, too – the Hyundai’s boot is one of the biggest in its class.

5. Skoda Fabia

2018 Skoda Fabia budget hatchback
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For years, the Skoda Fabia was arguably the most practical supermini on the market, with a wide, spacious and easy-to-access load bay. Its 330-litre load capacity has since been surpassed, but it still retains one of the biggest boots in its class. And if that’s not big enough, you can always upgrade to the estate model.

4. Kia Rio

2017 Kia Rio budget hatchback
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With 325 litres of load space on offer, the Kia Rio is an immensely practical supermini. It’s also one of the most reassuring to own, thanks to Kia’s seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty. It doesn’t do anything sensationally well, but it does everything you’d ask of it more than competently, and is comfortable, refined and terrific value.

3. Dacia Sandero

2018 Dacia Sandero budget hatchback
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It may be the cheapest car on sale in the UK, but the Dacia Sandero doesn’t want for anything in the space department. Its 330-litre boot is one of the biggest you’ll get on a supermini, while its basic, no-nonsense cabin has plenty of passenger space to go with it. If you want a supermini that also doubles up as a family car and costs the same as a second-hand one, it’s just the ticket.

2. Honda Jazz

2018 Honda Jazz hatchback
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Ever since the first-generation Jazz appeared in 2002, the Honda supermini has won hands-down in the practicality stakes. Indeed, the latest model retains the incredible estate car-like practicality of its predecessors, along with a flat, square load bay floor to make it easy to get big loads in and out of. As a small family car, it’s almost impossible to beat.

1. Volkswagen Polo

2018 Volkswagen Polo hatchback
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Despite the Honda Jazz’s huge boot, it no longer takes the spoils as the biggest-booted supermini on the market today. That accolade now goes to the new Volkswagen Polo, which benefits from 355 litres of usable load space with the back seats in place. No other small car can offer quite as much luggage space, which, added to the desirability of the Volkswagen brand, makes it a superb choice of supermini.


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