2017 Mercedes-AMG GLA45
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2017 Mercedes-AMG GLA45 Yellow Night review

Mercedes-Benz has released its AMG GLA45 Yellow Night for those wanting to stand out that little more. But is it any good?

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Mercedes-AMG’s GLA45 is a quick, capable and relatively practical hot hatch and has been around since 2014. However, for those who find it too ‘ordinary’, there’s a new version– the Yellow Night Edition.

It brings a whole host of bright yellow styling additions, as well as a gargantuan rear spoiler. Mercedes are targeting it at those who really want to stand out from the crowd, while being able to back up the audacious looks with plenty of performance.


The GLA45 features a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 376bhp and 475Nm of torque. Sent to all four wheels via a seven-speed DCT gearbox, that power equates to a 0-60mph time of 4.3 seconds and a 155mph top speed — which can be increased to 168mph when fitted with the optional AMG Driver’s package. It’s scarcely believable how quickly it can accelerate, and yet Mercedes claims that it’ll return 38.2mpg on a combined cycle while emitting 172g/km CO2. 

Plain and simple – the GLA45 is fast. Plant the throttle, and just after you’ll gather pace in no time at all. The torque figure makes the biggest difference here, as it means there’s huge amount of shove from low down in the rev range – though it’ll still happily keep pulling further up thanks to more-than ample mid-range torque.

Ride & Handling 

Straight-line performance aside, the GLA45 remains a very capable machine. Thanks to its all-wheel-drive system, there’s plenty of traction in all manner of conditions, while large tyres mean a good amount of mechanical grip is also available. The steering is accurate and cements the GLA45 into a capable point-to-point hot hatch. 

Sadly, the ride doesn’t quite match the performance. The large 20-inch alloy wheels don’t help the affair, but the GLA45 is harsh over all surfaces, even when switching the suspension into its most comfortable setting.

Interior & Equipment

Thankfully, the GLA45 offers a good amount of equipment as standard. LED high performance headlights, a panoramic glass sunroof and a full infotainment system is included in the base price, as are parking sensors and a reversing camera.

Our test car also came with a driver assistance package which includes blind spot and lane keeping assist systems, as well as the AMG dynamic plus package, adding a front differential lock and ride control sports suspension to the vehicle.


The base price for the car stands at £53,405, which is over £10,000 more than the smaller A45 and just shy of £6k more than the normal GLA – and it’s not any more capable nor good to drive as a result. There’s not even anymore equipment on board, and this does take away from the Yellow Night’s appeal somewhat. You’d really have to dig the yellow additions to justify the premium.


You can’t fault how effectively and quickly the GLA45 gets you down the road in all conditions. This Yellow Night edition does make the car stand out, there’s no denying that, but it doesn’t go far enough to justify the elevated price tag. If you’re after a car that is reasonably compact yet fast – we’d skip a GLA altogether and opt for the regular A45.




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