2018 Ford Edge Vignale
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2017 Ford Edge Vignale review

Ford’s applied extra glitz and glamour to its flagship SUV, but does it hold up as a genuine luxury item?

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As Ford’s range matured, the company noticed that more and more buyers were plumping for the topmost trim level. With loyal Ford enthusiasts wanting more equipment in a familiar package, the company responded with Vignale – a luxurious sub-brand aimed at those who were after just a little bit more. 

The Edge Vignale is perhaps the best showcase for the brand. It’s based on Ford’s flagship large SUV, the Edge, but adds lashings of chrome, all the equipment you could want and a luxuriously trimmed interior into the package.


The Edge Vignale is available with a 2.0-litre diesel engine in two states of tune – 178bhp or 207bhp. The lower-powered unit is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, while the range-topper gets a six-speed automatic.

Performance is best described as relaxed, but this suits the Edge’s nature. It’s a very accomplished motorway cruiser, and there’s more than enough punch for safe overtaking on country roads.

We’d plump for the higher-powered engine and the automatic gearbox, as its smooth nature is more conducive to a comfortable ride.

Ride & Handling

The Ford Edge Vignale is a very heavy car, so it won’t be the choice for a back-road blast. However, Ford is very good at making cars that handle well, and the Edge is no exception – staying remarkably composed in the corners for such a big car.

The steering, though it lacks feel, is light and direct, and the car grips well into corners. There’s no hiding that weight though, especially if you try and stop in a hurry. 

Where this pays dividends is in the car’s ride, which is exceptional on the motorway, albeit a bit stiff around town.

Interior & Equipment

In standard form, the Edge’s interior is nothing to write home about. The Vignale trim improves this quite a lot, by adding lashings of leather trim to almost every surface.

The comfortable heated seats are covered in quilted leather, while even the dashboard has been given a coating of the stuff. There’s also thick, premium carpet mats, while a panoramic glass roof lights up the dark interior very well indeed. 

Equipment-wise, there’s not much you’re lacking. Vignale trim gets you a great set of dynamic LED headlights, chrome trim, shiny alloy wheels, and exclusive paint colours. Inside, you’ll find sat-nav, Ford’s SYNC3 infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, heated front and rear seats, a powered tailgate, and a premium Sony sound system.

The five-seat interior is very spacious, with room for four big adults and a massive, 602-litre boot.

The best part about the interior is how hushed it is, though. Ford equips its Vignale models with extra soundproofing, and you really can hear (or not) the difference – the car is virtually silent at a cruise, with just a bit of wind noise around the large door mirrors.


The Edge is rather pricey for a Ford in the first place, and Vignale trim is the most expensive of the lot. The range starts at nearly £40,000 for the manual model, or over £41,000 for our preferred automatic.

Look at it next to rivals from premium brands and the Edge Vignale begins to make a lot more sense. A comparably sized Audi Q7 starts from over £50,000, and won’t come with as much equipment as the Edge. If you can look past badge prestige you might find the Edge Vignale a bargain.


New Ford Edge Vignale Deals


The Ford Edge Vignale plays to its strengths really well. It’s a very accomplished motorway cruiser, with soundproofing to rival any luxury brand and a comfortable ride. It’s also a practical family car provided you don’t need more than five seats, with a massive boot and room for all the kids’ clobber. But if the extra glitz of Vignale trim isn’t for you, look further down the Edge range, as lesser models provide all the practicality and comfort at a lower price.




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